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    Digital Marketing

    Community management on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Analytics, YouTube videos, content production, copywriting, Wordpress web sites, SEO...


    Support, promotion and content production by the most influential Croatian bloggers from lifestyle, fashion and food categories.

    Data Science

    Data analysis and modelling for classification, prediction, clustering or other purposes. Finding correlations and deriving right business decisions based on the data.

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    Starting with strong technical background with software development, embracing new technologies applied in digital marketing and communication and at latest using formal mathematical education and IT knowledge to analyze data and create data driven business decisions.

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    Danijel Kopčinović
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    • Apr, 13

      Data Science – A Business Tool

      Recognizing rules, patterns and correlations from transaction data If we have typical retail transaction data, we can apply different data science methods and algorithms to discover rules, patterns and correlations that exist within the data. For example: If a customer bought product1 and product2, very often he also bought product3. Product1 and product2 are “similar”: […]

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